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Youth Leadership
Sports Enhancement Workshops


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#LeadWithin believes that leadership must start from within, be it self, team or organisation. The entire course leads youths down this leadership journey by first helping them ignite the desire to want to lead, then teach them how to lead themselves and others before purposing their leadership passion and skills to impact change for the greater good. Using sports as a platform, leadership is strategically embedded into trainings, their sporting environments and community engagements to bring out and exercise lessons of leadership and service.

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Learners are taught to understand and acknowledge personal values, perspectives, strengths and work-ons geared towards igniting their desire and propensity to want to become leaders.




Explorers are taught how to explore leadership within themselves and understanding their primary environment to be full of opportunities and connectivity, setting the grounds for them to harness one's passion, abilities and leadership capacities to walk the talk first.




Having come through the leadership journey walking the walk and gaining experience through practices, Achievers will now learn how to inspire others and guide them on their leadership journeys.

Directors will learn to use their leadership capabilities and experiences to empower others to lead and set vision of higher purposes with action plans that will create positive change to their organisation or greater community.



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