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About Us

We offer a range of sports related services including programs, coaching, mentoring and organized sports events that aim to develop positive values, leadership and promote long-term growth for individuals and teams.

Our Vision & Mission
Our Vision

Transforming Lives Through Sports

Our Mission

To make a positive impact on individuals and communities through the transformative power of sports

Core Values
Core Values

Love for Self and Others
We value and respect each individual regardless of age, backgrounds or abilities. We embrace individuality and seek to bring out the best in ourselves and others through what we do.

We always ask ourselves WHY first and how can we as individuals and as an organisation positively contribute to the people around us and our environments.

We consider people and environments as a whole to go about valuing people and serving our purpose as an organisation. Recognising we are like an entire ocean in a drop, what we do impact others.

We never forget to include fun in whatever we do! We enjoy the journey and the people we work with. Mondays can be fun too!

Process Focused
We focus on making the journey a great one  for everyone. At times we might fall but those are the best spots to pick ourselves up. If life gives us lemon, we make nice lemonade for everyone and then share the recipe!

Our Team
Our team

 coaches &

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Sportsvalues SG is started by a collective of sports coaches who has coaching experiences for more than 15 years. We started this company with the vision to transform lives by using sports as a platform to value and empower kids and youths.


Our expertise and breath of knowledge ranges from sports and exercise science, sports psychology, mental toughness, strength and conditioning, physiotherapy and to high performance coaching and coach mentoring.


Coaches & Consultants




"I love my players. I love sports. Then, I love to win.

My role as a coach is to empower my athletes to be self-aware, to believe and to achieve greatness."

Coaching Experiences

  • 16 Years

  • NROC Level 2 Coach (Netball)

  • Foundation & Level 1 Coaching Presenter

  • Sports Medicine Australia Certified Sport Masseur / Certified First Aider

  • Level 1 and 2 Kinesio Taping

  • Australia Strength and Conditioning Association Level 1

  • BSc in Psychology

  • Attachment Program with West Coach Fever (Elite & FIT with SG U21s)

  • Netball Super League, Singapore National Age Group U17/19s

  • Singapore Sports School (Senior coach, netball academy)

  • Tertiary/Club, International Schools, Pri/Sec/JC/Poly (Top 4/8 Teams)

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