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refers to a citizen of NETBALL - a person passionately and actively involve in netball as part of a larger community.

Why Join Netizen
why join netizen

Singapore's only netball development program that delivers long-term, transformational benefits by integrating sports values, essential life skills and leadership skills together with netball skills. 


  We care about your kids and
  their wholistic development.

  • ​Sports values - daily habits that eventually becomes essential life skills

  • Performance and life skills mental skills approach to help WIN both in game and life

  • Be part of the Netizen community and beyond - Build meaningful social connection and a sense of belonging 

  • Well being checks - physical, cognitive, social-emotional aspects

skillful players
  • Transformational, dedicated and experienced coaches

  • Sports-science supported to maximise performance outcomes and safe practices

  • Periodised general/netball specific skills mastered through deliberate trainings

  • Wholistic sports profiling and assessment to track individual progress

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inspiring Leaders
  • Grow their propensity to WANT to lead, equip them with leadership skills to know HOW to lead

  • Strategically embed leadership into sports trainings and activities to exercise and maximise lessons of leadership and service.

  • Periodised and interest-based leadership opportunities - starting from self leadership to captainship to mentoring to trainee coaching

our netball development pathway

These are the four levels of development like how one will journey up the hill of masteries with each progression having its key area of focus.

Sports Values Development Pathway
Development Pathway
netball programs

Our intake opens every Jan / May / Jul / Nov



Age 8-11 Years Old

Program Outline

Wonderer teaches netball kids to think, see and feel for themselves and their primary environment to be full of fun, excitement, opportunities, and connectivity. This program focuses on individuals having good foundation of values with emphasis on Mastery Of Self and Basic Skills.

Values Covered

Accountability, Commitment, Confidence, Discipline, Focus, Honesty, Making Decisions, Respect etc

Skills Covered

FMS, Ball and Movement Skills (Basic), Attacking and Defending Skills (Basic), Positional Skills (Learn All), Tactical Skills (Basic), Shooting Program (Basic), Leadership Skills (Self Awareness)

Time/Day: 830-10am, Sat/Sun (May Intake)
Venue: Kallang Netball Center

10 sessions for $333

*1st 2 are FREE trials

Referral perks available!



Age 12-14 Years Old

Program Outline

Go To teaches "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together, amplifying the wonderer in them to become a Go-To person who will make good decisions for themselves and also others. This program focuses on fostering values associated with Mastery of Team and Environment and acquiring Intermediate skills.

Values Covered

Skills Covered

Adaptability, Competitiveness, Growth Mindset, Positive Work Habits,Self Control, Taking Initiatives, Team Work, Trustworthiness etc.

Ball and Movement Skills (Intermediate), Attacking and Defending Skills (Intermediate), Positional Skills (Specialists), Tactical Skills (Intermediate), Shooting Tests, Leadership Skills (Self Management)

Time/Day: 830-1030am, Sat/Sun (May Intake)
Venue: Kallang Netball Center

10 sessions for $333

*1st 2 are FREE trials

Referral perks available!


Tree Shade

Age 15-17 Years Old

Program Outline

Tree Shade teaches individuals to see the wider perspectives in matters and provide support for others physically, mentally and emotionally. This program reinforces Advanced Skills and Mastery of Higher Purpose values that will nurture them into respected, compassionate leaders who are enthusiastic about serving and playing for a greater good.

Values Covered

Skills Covered

Making Good Decisions for Self & Others, Compassion, Humility, Team Excellence, Gratitude, Love, Service etc

Ball and Movement Skills (Advanced), Attacking and Defending Skills (Advanced), Positional Skills (Specialists), Tactical Skills (Advanced), Shooting Tests, Leadership Skills (People Awareness)

Time/Day: 3-5pm, Sat/Sun (May Intake)
Venue: Kallang Netball Center

Referral perks available!

10 sessions for $333

*1st 2 are FREE trials

*Every sign-up will get a free training bag that contains all the things you will need to become a full-pledge NETizen, a start of season aSPirent briefing and an end of season NETizen sports profile.

assembly (8).png


Age 16+ Years Old

Program Outline (Interview Required)

Sirius is a youth coaching/mentorship program where young individuals are training to be youth coaches. They will be the STARS who will help illuminate the paths of  younger athletes who are on their journey to leading a more value-abled life. This program will focus on the art and technicalities of sports coaching with youth coaches mentored by experienced coaches. Youth coaches will be paid a nominal fee.

Values Covered

ROLE MODEL (All Values)

Skills Covered

Leadership skills (People Management)
Coaching and Umpiring Skills

Event Organising & Planning Skills

Time/Day: TBC, Sat/Sun (Able to commit min. 3 mths)
Venue: Kallang Netball Center/Sports Hub

Program Schedule
Camps & Carnivals
Camps & Carnivals
Fish Games Netball Camp (4).png


Date: TBC

Time: TBC

Venue: TBC

Cost: $100 per team (max. 10 per team) / $10 per person (sign up as individuals)

Categories: U14s & U17s

$ is not a problem. Pay through volunteering options available! Speak to us.

What To Expect

7 v 7 full game

Round robin, quarters, semis and finals

Fun mini games

Attractive prizes to be won (worth up to $300)

Download registration form here!!

Day 1 - Fitness Amazing Race

An amazing race that challenges your fitness, strength, wits and teamwork! Gain points through fun, challenging main and side quests racing around Sports Hub!


Day 2 - Fun Skills Challenge

Improve and test out your passing, catching, footwork, attacking, defending and shooting skills through many fun mini games!


Day 3 - Modified Netball Games

Build up to a day of netball, Netball and more NETBALL! Adapt to 6 different ways of playing netball and play netball like you never before!

Time/Day: Sep Hols 2023
Venue: Sports Hub/KNC

Referral perks available!

A Team of 4-5 

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